Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cooking With Mom

I have just returned from a long trip across the country, which actually began with a wonderful trek over the Pacific to Maui.  From there, after a brief stop in Northern California to repack and refamiliarize myself with my home, I was off to New England.  I stopped in, again, very briefly, to visit my family, and then was off to Ireland for two weeks, on business.

After a very successful stay in Northern Ireland, I returned to New England, where I stayed at my mom’s house.  We hung out, had a good time, but I complained about how I could not find any decent vegetarian food while on the Emerald Island (lots of good beer and deep-fried potatoes, but a dearth of healthy green, leafy types of foods; and very poor Italian recipes).

I informed my dear old ma that I was dying for some pasta, made with a very healthy tomato-based sauce.  She said that she had a bunch of jars of spaghetti sauce in her cupboard that I could drizzle over some pasta.  I asked if she felt like making one of her famous tomato sauces.  She replied, “I have all the ingredients, but don’t have the time nor desire to make that time-consuming sauce much anymore.”

“Hmmmm,” I replied.  “How about I whip up my own marinara sauce, one that tastes amazing and only takes a mere thirty minutes to create?”

She said, “Only if I can hold your camera and film it.” (Totally fabricated).

Here is the delicious and amazing result:

30 Minute Marinara Sauce (Cooking with Mom)

I am now at work on editing an outtakes video from all the film footage I tossed out after creating this wonderful vid.  My mom is not only a good sport, but an excellent cook who taught me everything I know about healthy eating and cooking.  I hope that this is only the start of many more "cooking with mom" videos.
Enjoy and manga!

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Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Did the 30 minutes include the time to round up all those ingredients? Your mom did a great job taking the video and didn't need your "video instructions." She would have done fine without them! Don't pick on her.

John Buchanan said...

Mike, I know that this is not the right place to put this comment, but I could not find a better place.
I just thought I would let you know that I love your song Live Life 365. It is fantastic.
I am suffering from severe chronic pain which despite all the morphine, and non drug related pain maangement techniques, including diet, still feels like I am standing in a fire.
Somehow your song has got through to me and helped me to relax and find a degree of peace.
Thank you for making such an amazing difference to my life. As I'm blogging, your page is on play and keeping me afloat. Thank you.

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How sweet! Moms and sons cookign are the best thigns ever!

W. Home said...

How I miss the foods that my Mom always prepare for me when I was a kid. I wish she is still here to cook my favorite dishes. I cannot even copy the same recipe she had - even the taste. I really missed cooking with my mom.

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