Sunday, December 30, 2012

C’ya 2012 – Hello 2013!

Another year is about to bite the dust.  How does that make you feel?  For me, I like to take this time of year and look back at those three hundred plus days just passed, and see if I accomplished as much of what I set out to do.  So, I guess, it makes me feel…

1)      Nostalgic
2)      Wistful
3)      Yearning
4)      Reflective
5)      Sentimental
6)      All of the above

So, Mike, how was 2012?

Like all years, it seems this one that is about to end has had its share of ups and downs.  While I attained many successful goals that I set for myself, both personal and with my work, there were other areas of my life, and my family and friend’s, which was nothing to write home about.

  • Health scares
  • Financial challenges
  • Issues with the day job
  • And the everyday battle for consistent balance 
The good news is that for most of the above I have been able to work on and correct—which, again, is what all years, and life, is about.  Good year or bad, good life or bad, one will have challenges, adversity, heartbreak, and loss.  The key, as with all of life (and, remember, years are the chapters [and days the pages] of the novel called “your life.”) is the ability to cope and deal, learn from and not repeat mistakes and missteps…and try to make the best of all situations.

So, again (ahem), Mike, how was your year?

Glad you asked.

My brand, livelife365, had its best year ever.  I had more visits and video views than any other time since its creation—almost 2 million!!  That only encourages me to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but even more so.  It also indicates to me that people dig my message and want to change their lives for the better.

I was able to finish and publish another book, song, and music video—a project that I am very proud of.


My websites and videos generated more income this year than all of the previous years combined—a good thing!  Why?  Because I am now able to expand my reach and tackle even more projects.

I enjoyed a successful book signing for this book:

And produced and uploaded more videos than ever!  With two going semi-viral:

I survived another decent year with my day job, keeping my streak of being gainfully employed well into my fourth decade.  This is nothing to take for granted in these challenging financial times and I am thankful.

On a personal note, I enjoyed my 19th year of the best relationship in my life with my lovely wife—thanks for putting up with me, baby!

I traveled, spent important and fun time with family and friends, continued collecting and reading modern first editions, played my guitar, collected (and consumed) more excellent wine from around the world, exercised just about everyday, and lost a dozen pounds (few more to go).

Leaving me to look ahead to 2013.

Goals are always important to me and this coming year will be no exception.  Here are a few:

Ø  More balance between work and non-work
Ø  Drop those last few pounds
Ø  Produce more videos…ahem, good videos
Ø  Keep spreading the livelife365 brand
Ø  More volunteer and charitable work
Ø  Have I mentioned better balance?
Ø  Travel to see my mom turn 80
Ø  Manage my finances tighter
Ø  Good health…for myself and all those I love
Ø  Keep doing all the things I enjoy…
Ø  And discover a whole lot more

That’s enough of a list for now.

Until next time…




Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! Just had to wish you all the best for this New Year! I'm so proud of all that you have done with livelife365! You are a very special person and it has been wonderful getting to know you thru all your writing and videos! If I could hug you in person, that'd be ideal but I'll hafta just send a "virtual cyber hug" ((())))
Keep on keeping on!

Mike Foster said...

hi and hugs suz...
thanks for your comment and all of your amazing support not just for this year but are great at what you do and i would love to connect with you in person some day...keep doing your thing and i will keep doing's to an awesome 2013 with the goal for both of us to help as many people as we can to change their lives for the better...



Faisal Admar said...

Hi Mike.

Wow! you are still writing :) That's great.

I've abandoned my blog for quite sometimes and now kinda miss it.

So, I start writing :)

I hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year to you :)

Mike Foster said...

happy new year, faisal...glad to see you writing again...i have another daily blog called that one out when u have some time...looking forward to more communication this year...peace,


syed rahat said...

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mickle said...

So, I start writing :)

I hope it's not too late to say Happy New Year to you :)

Honey Moon said...

..i have another daily blog called mikesdaily.
check that one out when u have some time...looking forward to more communication this year...peace,

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