Friday, October 31, 2008

Health Update and a few Videos

Most of you know by now that I recently underwent surgery on my left shoulder to repair an impingement that was causing me a great deal of pain for a long time. The good news is, that while I am still limited in using my left arm, I am getting better every day. I am able to actually type for several minutes at a time without pain and look forward to the day when I can write some new posts. Soon, I hope!

While I am feeling lots better, my range of motion is still poor. I was just measured by my physical therapist and was at 110 degrees out of 180--not that good. In fact, it is much less than before my surgery. But the pain is better, much better. And the numbing, tingling sensation down my left arm and fingertips is mostly gone. All I need now is lots of physical therapy and time.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few more videos from my archives.

The three categories that personify and this blog are: HEALTHY LIVING, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, and ENTERTAINMENT. With that in mind, I have chosen videos that represent each category.

For your HEALTH:

Almonds: The Perfect Snack


The Miracle of Tomorrow

And a little ENTERTAINMENT from this (exhausting and never-ending) political season:

Hillary Obama Monsta McCain Jam

As always, I appreciate your wonderful comments and feedback and look forward to the day when I can return the favor and add a few comments of my own.

Until next time...




ktales said...

Sorry to hear about the range of motion, but good to hear that the pain is lower. Hopefully the range will get better with time.


Kim said...

So glad you are feeling better! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yay for less pain! Mom loves almonds, but we are Not Allowed to have any. We really enjoyed your serenade, Mike! Mom has already voted! She says as far as she is concerned the whole thing is over for her now! hahaha!

Cecile said...

i am happy you are feeling much better now...just take your time and don't worry about post and visits...for now your health is more impotyant than blogging..take care now, Mike

Holly said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better and the pain is holding.
Look forward when you are in tip top shape again to reading your great wonderful posts.

storybeader said...

Hope you feel better soon. Keep going to the physical therapist! I was paralyzed on my left side as a kid, and the PT was one of my saviors. Keep at it! said...

Mike, glad to hear you are doing better. I'm sure the range of motion will increase as time goes on.

In the meantime, listen to your wife, as they are all knowing, and you'll be fine!

betchai said...

Glad to know you are getting better. Hopefully, all will be well soon and your range of motion will improve.

Anna said...

Glad that each day is bringing you closer to healing. And tomorrow is another day, right? Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

Less pain is a good thing and physical therapy should help with your range of motion. In the meantime, it's good to have a back catalog of quality stuff to fall back on.

Hope that you are back to full speed soon.

Natural said...

you'll get there. it will take some time, but hey no pain and that's great.

Kelly said...

I think any time surgery is involved, mobility is limited. I am glad you feel better and I am sure the range of motion will improve with time and therapy. I hope it's soon so we can get some more great stuff from you! :D


LoneStarVintageClothing said...

Feel better soon! :-) said...

Hey Mike! I'm glad to hear you're on the mend. Hopefully, you get your full range of motion back soon. Hang in there!

Preston said...

I hope all gets better for you. :) I really enjoy your blog.

Faisal Admar said...

I hope you will get better soon and you can make more videos on healthy food. I miss that. Remember after avocado and jicama, there's no more advise about food? You promise to write about garlic if I'm not mistaken? :) I hope soon enough and I will pray for you to recover fast and get well sooner!

Take care Mike.

mark said...

A positive attitude is contagious! Thanks for sharing and get better. :)

Preston said...

How's it going? Don't laugh too hard about this but I think it's kind of funny. I regularly visit your blog and I kept wondering why you changed your blog appearance back and forth. It really had me puzzled until I looked at my pending ad requests and realized that you have two similar blogs. LOL

Barry said...

Take the time you need. We will still be here.

You've certainly left us a wide diversity of material to keep us busy!


"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

mike Have a nice weekend with an old song from Demi Roussos

It's five o'clock
and I walk through the empty streets
thoughts fill my head
but then still
No one speaks to me
My mind takes me back
to the years that have passed me by
It is so hard to believe
That it's me
that I see
in the window pane
it is so hard to believe
that all this is the way
that is has to be
It's five o'click
and I walk through the empty streets
The night is my friend
And in him
I find sympathy
And so I go back to the years that have to past me by
It is so hard to believe
That it's me
that I see
in the window pane
it is so hard to believe
that all this is the way
that is has to be

It's five o'click
and I walk through the empty streets
The night is my friend
And in him I find sympathy
He gives, gives me day
gives me hope
and a little dream too

Dhanamjaya said...

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Anonymous said...
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