Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspiration Tuesday

Over the past few weeks I have been battling the blues a bit. Nothing major, just some kinks in the armor, some need for rebalancing, for getting my Triad of Balance in order. All it takes, for me at least, is to have one of my BIG THREE (Mind, Body, Spirit) out of whack and I get to feeling a bit off. But, like I said, nothing major, just need to take the car in for a tune-up, maybe just an oil change, and I should be good as new.

In the meantime, I did what I often suggest others should do: I watched some of my helpful videos. And, guess what? I actually started to feel little better--a good thing! I thought I'd share a few of them:




I hope these videos help you if you are having one of those days, or weeks, or, heaven forbid, months. When I find myself in a funk, I like to go back to basics, do a self-check, see what's working and what's not. Ultimately I discover it's something as simple as needing a good night's sleep or more exercise or better nutritional choices or maybe just a good laugh. And what helps me more often than not is posting something on one of my websites that will maybe help someone else who needs help...just like me.

Why? Because I have to.

Until next time...




REDLAN said...

Thanks for sharing the great videos. They help.

suZen said...

I'm glad you took the look back at your own videos. They are wonderful! You're so right about never giving up (well, you and Winston, haha!). My dad raised me with "If you don't at first succeed, try try again!" The "f" word was never allowed (I'm talkin' "failure" not f***) The word can't was never allowed. It frustrated the beegeebees out of me sometimes but living with this concept has been enlightening and enriching. I've done so many things, tried so many things, I think my life has been blessed with fullness as a result.

As for your funk, hopefully your own videos did the trick. I try to celebrate my funk days and just tell myself I'm on a rest day and its ok.

heidi said...

I hope you get together and your idea and attitude inspire me. Loved these videos!!! Thanks I feel better too!

Anonymous said...

“It is, what it is”, I've been living that mantra since the passing of my uncle back in '06 and yes Mike, I've seen your video, "It Is What It Is." That mantra has helped me by deal with a lot of issues, its allowed me to be more flexible, made problems more manageable and its made me more practical and have a healthier mindset.

It is what it is Mike, thanks for the excellent blog post, keep your head up my friend.

Rod V.

Mike Foster said...

redlan: always glad to help...(that's why I make them)

suzen: thanks for the great comment...i agree, it's okay to have a rest day every now and then, but lingering funks are symptoms of deeper rooted issues...by the way, i'm feeling much better, thanks

heidi: if you feel better then i feel better...

rod: thanks for the inspiring words, they helped...



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