Saturday, August 25, 2012

some facts about melons...

I recently enjoyed eating a melon I purchased at my local farmer's market, called sharlyn melon.  I loved its sweet and butterscotch taste so much I made this video:

Melons, like this one, are loaded vitamins and taste.  While they are not superfoods, they do pack a lot of nutritious punch.  My only negative I can say about them is their sugar and carb count.  I constantly watch my carb intake, so I have to enjoy this delicious food in moderation.

But that's just me.  What about you?

Some reasons we all, but especially you, should embrace this tasty fruit:

  •         low in calories
  •         no fat
  •         high in vitamin C and A
  •         great for smoothies, fruit salads, and breakfast
  •         taste awesome!

How does one tell when a melon is ripe?  Glad you asked...

And don't forget one of the most popular melons of all time...

I love the sweet taste of melons, but consume them in moderation with a nod to my low-carb diet.  They are worth it, though, for all of the above reasons.

I try to visit my local farmer's market every week.  It is there where I have discovered many of the fruits and veggies that I have shared with millions of people across the world.  One of my favorite things to do, something that makes me what I am and gives me wonderful fulfillment.

Until next time...




Karen and Gerard said...

I like watermelon best!

Becca Althouse said...

I will have to look for one of those melons. I have been having so much fun seeing all the different ways people present watermelons. I love the and find myself eating the whole thing in a day if I am not careful!

eyeglasses said...

I eat a lot of watermelon because i know that this fruit, are loaded of vitamins and they are worth it.Nice article I learned alot.

Anonymous said...

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Liked the videos as well

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