Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Pick One" Press Release

I am proud to share with you my recent press release for my music video, "Pick One." Read it here or visit Myprgenie.com (there you get photos). Enjoy!

We Must "Pick One"! Who? Hillary Obama! New Music Video Just Released

Release Date May 06, 2008

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-->CHICO, CA May 6, 2008
If you can't decide on a candidate in this year's presidential election, then vote for Hillary Obama. Who? Watch "Pick One (the music video)" and find out.

Mike Foster, creator of livelife365.com, has just released his latest studio recording, lampooning the too-close-to-call contest for the Democratic nomination between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. A spirited mix of Americana, Country, and County Rock, "Pick One" is a toe-tapping tune you'll be humming all day, while the lyrics have you nodding in agreement. Foster's suggested solution of Hillary Obama as the candidate, revealed at the end of the video, is not to be missed.Inspired by his interest in two exceptional and, in obvious ways, unprecedented candidacies, Mike "wanted to write a song that would not only entertain and make you laugh a little, but also call attention to this remarkable electoral season. I started playing around with the names and went from there." The enjoyment he finds in performing, especially singing and playing guitar, shines through in this well-produced music video that could well have America singing along with its bouncy melody and catchy lyrics.The production of a thought-provoking parody of the 2008 political scene is only one example of Foster's work found at livelife365.com, a video-driven website dedicated to healthy living, personal development, and entertainment. With a background as a writer and stage actor, and clearly possessing an eye and ear attuned to what is happening in the world, he shows considerable promise as a singer/songwriter and videographer. His efforts include an interesting collection of short films related to a wide variety of topics, ranging from nutritional and dietary advice to motivational and self-improvement tips, from humorous vignettes and observations to sober reflections on the sometimes painful lessons he's learned in life. You can even find information on sports, current events, and hobbies like book collecting. His major focus is on maintaining a careful balance between and within your physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions.

Watch the "Pick One" video at:www.livelife365.com/ or www.youtube.com/livelife365
Listen to the MP3 at: www.soundclick.com/livelife365

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