Sunday, May 11, 2008

Practice What Your Preach

Stress. It's everywhere, it seems, at times. Waiting for you at your workstation, lurking behind that pile of bills, taunting you for not working out, reminding you that life is filled with challenges, issues, problems. These days my life has been filled with more stress than the norm. Working too many hours, physical pain (I have a chronic shoulder problem that will eventually need surgery to remedy), relationship challenges (nothing major, just the everyday give-and-take of fifteen years of marriage), job issues, to name a few. I have been so stressed out, as they say, that I decided I had to do something about it. So I made a video.

Now, I make videos all the time. My website,, is a vlog, or video blog, which is all about vids. And since my videos are based on programs or events or issues that I have lived through, I understand the genesis of each and every one of them. In other words: I practice what I preach. Except now I am battling this stress mess and in dire need of some advice. Well, Mike?

Check out one of my recent "how-to" vids titled: "How to...Manage Stress." Then check out a dozen others, but do that only after you have watched the one about managing stress enough times to, well, manage your stress.

Okay, I will. Be right back.

(that sound you hear is Mike munching on healthy, non-buttered, popcorn while enjoying a very well-made video about stress management)

Wow, that was good. I like the part about how exercise helps to reduce stress. Also how stress is a part of our lives, and we can never really get rid of it. We just need to work on managing it.

Great. What else?

Relaxing with a nice cup of green tea, trying not to think about things. Enjoying a good book, taking your mind away from your problems.

All good advice. Anything else?

Yes, as a matter of fact. Get out and work on a hobby, like gardening or a musical instrument. Wow, I'm feeling better already.

That it?

Nope. Meditation. Yoga. Sitting outside, catching some sun. Listening to a water fountain, or the ocean. Relax, think good thoughts, get away from it all.

Man, sounds wonderful. So, how do you--

Hey, I'm not done yet. Talk to a friend or family member on the phone. Laugh. Think positive thoughts. Hang around positive, funny, happy people.

Dare I ask...anything else?

Glad you asked. Eat right, take a nice walk, lose weight, feel better, and manage your stress.


Get a good night's sleep. Always. Six, seven, eight hours. Whatever you need. It's different for every one.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel more relaxed.

See? It works. You just have to do it. Work on it, every day, every way.

Just like, that what you're saying?

Exactly. Think about it.

And I hope this helps.


Check out the video: "How to...Manage Stress" at and at the bottom of this blog.

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