Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Significance of Laughter

While I diligently work on juggling several projects, most notably the relaunching of my video site, editing my Green Tea video and my self-help book, I am republishing some of my favorite posts.  This one is always needed, a shot in the arm of laughter that helps get ya through the day.  And a few goofy videos too!

Please enjoy:

 The Significance of Laughter

Such a serious title for something as benign as laughter. Yes, it is, but for a reason. The need to laugh, to find humor in things sometimes unfunny, to chuckle, giggle, guffaw, shriek, snort, or titter, may be one of the best remedies for whatever ails you.

Humor is serious business. Huh? That's right. We need to laugh just as much as we need to eat or sleep. Think about how you feel when deprived of your recommended nightly hours of sleep - not too good, right? How about when your stomach is reminding you that you have not eaten recently, or that you have and that it was not sitting well down there. Again, not a pleasant sensation. Same can be said about those who do not get enough laughter in their daily lives. Eat, drink, and be merry. Perhaps there was something to that ancient adage after all?

One of the reasons I created livelife365 (both my website and this blog) was to be able to reach as many people as possible, sharing with them all the myriad ideals and ideas, videos and music, helpful programs and proven theories that I have amassed over the years. But the best part is that I not only can help others lose weight or eat right, gain self-esteem or proper balance, but that I can entertain them. Make them laugh. It's no accident that livelife365 offers more than most blogs or websites, a diverse menu of entrees. I want to be able to help and teach, council and coach, share and learn, yes, but I also get a great deal of satisfaction when I put a smile on someones face.

I have been asked,"Mike, how can you be treated seriously as a self-help guru when you are constantly acting like a goofball in some of your videos?" My response to that is: If I made you laugh, then it was worth it. Livelife365 is all about life, and the importance of living your life each day to its fullest. Yes, adhering to a healthy lifestyle is vital, as is proper mental focus and self development. But all that and not enough joy, humor or laughter in your life is an incomplete life. An unfulfilled life.

One of my favorite programs is the Triad of Balance. This is about getting your mind, body, and spirit in balance as one, after working on balancing each individually. It is easier said than done, but finding daily laughter in your life will help your balance in each area--Mind; Body; Spirit. That, in a nutshell, should underscore the importance of laughter. The significance of finding humor every day.

Good luck, here's to a hearty chuckle today, hopefully much more than one.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Power of Positive Thinking

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mixing Pleasure With Healthiness

Recently I was on vacation, away from work and my life back home. Maui, the place my lovely wife and I opt to visit to get away from it all - relax, refresh, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, rest…and those are just the “R”’s!

But even while embracing all of the above, I still work on practicing healthy habits, by continuing to focus on the things I need to do each day to stay happy and keep living life every day in every way.

* Every morning I sit on the lanai and read, mostly catching up on my backlog of magazines and newspapers. The sound of crashing waves, chirping birds, and trade winds rustling the treetops my background music, I also use this time to reflect on all that I have ingested, letting it settle into my brain, along with the tranquil reward of my picturesque surroundings.

* Just about every day I walk across the street and visit the local farmer’s market, picking through the fresh fruits and veggies - papaya, pineapple, guava, avocados, apple bananas, tomatoes, star fruit, passion fruit, and more. This not only supports the community but promotes healthy, nutritional eating. I also make a point to lessen my carbohydrate consumption, with an overall goal of returning from my vacation weighing the same as I began it.

* I take an hour walk every morning. This is a key for me - not only does it kick start the day, but it is spiritually relaxing, walking along the ocean path, taking in the breathtaking sights and sounds. It’s also a wonderful way to burn calories early in the day so I feel less guilty later, when I kick back and indulge in some gastronomical treats. (hey, I’m on vacation, gotta mix some fun with the fitness, right?)

* After my walk I meditate for thirty minutes. Embracing my surroundings, I sit in a quiet, dark area, close my eyes, suck in a couple deep breaths, and focus on the now, the moment. I gently push any invading thoughts from my mind, nudging them aside as I allow only the present existence into my being. This exercise puts me in the place I need and love to be to start my day.

* The rest of the day I do all that fun, vacation stuff, be it catching some rays by the water, exploring local sights, or chilling with my significant other. Does this sometimes lead me astray toward less-than-healthy choices? You bet it does. But I also strive to eat as healthy and nutritiously as possible, even while sampling the local delicacies.

* Every afternoon I take a dip in the ocean and swim for at least fifteen minutes. This gives my arms and upper torso a nice workout, along with soaking the rest of my body in a saltwater embrace. Not only physically satisfying, an ocean swim enhances my mind and spirit.

* Lastly, after enjoying another wonderful day in paradise with my wife, I kick back and read for pleasure, indulging in any number of the myriad tomes I bring with me while on vacation. This is also the time, when the mood strikes, that I do my writing, working on new projects, developing ideas that have been taking up room in my brain, journalizing. In fact, it was this very practice, after a day of aloha spirit in Maui, that the concept for my website, livelife365, was inspired.

No on enjoys or looks forward to getting away from it all more than myself. The thought of being able to sleep in, relax, and do whatever I like is tempting. But I also know that I need to do it all in as healthy a fashion as I can, while always making sure to balance my mind, body, and spirit in the process.

Even while on vacation. Ahem…especially then.

Until next time…