Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Skinny on Eggs

As a strict vegetarian and wannabe vegan, I don’t normally consume a lot of eggs.  Likewise, in a perfect vegan world, I would not opt for a portion of healthy fish, as I now do, for the excellent protein and other nutritional benefits.

But as with adding fish as a source of good protein, while continually trying to reduce my carbohydrates, I have also started to add a few eggs to my diet.

Eggs, you say?

But aren’t eggs unhealthy for you?  Loaded with fats and cholesterol?  One of the worst things one can ingest?

Ummm, actually, think again.

Eggs for years have been getting a bad rap.  They are not only an excellent source of healthy proteins and fats, but even the amounts of bad cholesterol are grossly over exaggerated.

If loving eggs is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right…

Besides tasting awesome, as the above video can attest, eggs also have these healthy benefits:

Besides enjoying fried in a sandwich, eggs can be eaten in myriad ways:  omelets, scrambled, boiled and poached.  Eggs also enhance many types of baked goods and a variety of meals.

For years eggs have been getting bad press due to their high fat and cholesterol content.  But as more research and results have been revealed, eggs just may be healthier than you ever imagined.

And they make one heck of a fried egg sandwich.

Think about it.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exploring Today's Path

One of the few bloggers I make the time in my busy schedule to read is Susan Blake, who is the creator of the wonderful website, Today’sPath.  Suzen (as she sometimes goes by), like myself, is all about healthy lifestyle, better nutritional choices, and offering proactive solutions to preventing unnecessary disease and health—dare I say LIFE—ailments.

Suzen writes about diverse topics like:
…and just the other day, she took the time and space on her excellent blog to blog about me.  And my book:

Here are the first few paragraphs of her kind words, offered in her downhome delivery, with emphasis of why people like Suzen and myself invest our time and efforts in our websites:

To reach as many people as possible, affording them the opportunity to change their lives for the better!

…please visit Today’s Path to read the rest.  Thanks again, Suzen, for all your support over the years and for living life 365!!!

This is such a special blog for me to write, I'm grinning ear to ear - can't ya tell?  Sometimes you meet somebody and you know they are kindred spirits.  I must have a good healthy love for mine then cuz I sure love his!

I started following a blog by Mike Foster called Live Life 365 about three years ago.  Mike does videos on his blog that are great - I learned the easy way to cut/eat avocados, for instance.  You name it, he will tell you what it is, how to cook it and eat it - many things the average person has never tried I'll bet ya!  He is ALL about healthy foods, nutrition, staying motivated, taking walks in nature, and making good choices.  Every once in a while he will write a song and sing it with his guitar.  The walks I've actually BEEN ON with him since he takes his camera right along with him. 

He videos from his lanai in Maui on his vaca there every year - so nice to see it when there is winter in the air here - he videos when he is gardening and sweating - always good to see somebody sweat, isn't it? -  and of course  many videos in his kitchen.  Writing songs, writing blogs, making videos........

Visit Today’s Path to read the rest and enjoy Suzen’s site.

Until next time…