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Monday, June 11, 2012

Killer Eats

There are a lot of foods out there that, if eaten often, can turn on you and eventually push you faster toward your demise.  You know the ones: fat, juicy cheeseburgers; chili cheese fries; chocolate cake; even good old lasagna and pizza.

Now I love most of these foods, except for the ones deep-fried or that contain animal protein.  I like to indulge in something naughty but nice, too, ya know.

It’s just that I have dedicated most of my life to healthy food options, to eschewing the fat and gristle so that I may enjoy my life longer and happier.  Because, I truly believe that you are what you eat, and that to me means feeling better by eating good foods, like:

·        Fruits
·        Veggies
·        Whole grains
·        Beans
·        Nuts
·        Lean protein like fish
·        Green tea

And by avoiding:

·        Excess carbs
·        Unhealthy fats
·        Sodium
·        Fatty meats

All of the above is how I live my life most of the time…and I am a better person for it.

But I still need my killer foods, but the good “killer.”

Recently, I have produced a few “how to make killer foods” videos, several that have gone on to become some of my most popular.  Like this one:

How to...Make a Killer Fried Egg Sandwich

And this one:

How to...Make a Killer Spinach Omelette 

I try to make these “killer” meals as healthy as possible, but with cheese and butter it is not always possible.  So I produced this video:

How to...Make a (Healthier) Killer Fried Egg Sandwich

Hey, I eat like a rabbit chasing an iguana most of the time, so I try to cut myself some slack every once and a while and eat something a tad bit bad for me…in moderation.  And rarely.

My latest “killer” video:

How to...Make Killer Veggie Fried Rice with Tofu


Try them and let me know what you think.

Until next time…