Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We Could Change the World…

If We Wanted To.

My most ambitious project ever is an undertaking that has been years in the making.  It started as an idea, like many of mine, it seems, that came to me while basking in the Maui sun.  A few months before my Hawaiian trip, a catchy tune found its way inside my head…this was followed by some lyrics that seemed to fit just right.  That sequence of events was the early genesis of this song.

Back to Maui…

I thought the song was good, but the lyrics were better—they meant something more than just what a song has to offer.  While on that tropical paradise, I put pen to paper and scratched out the basis for the book that was inspired by the song:



In the book (and song and video), I discuss how the ability to change as a person can effect change on a larger scale—like maybe even changing the world for the better.  That’s a major and ambitious task, for sure, but one, if approached at a grassroots, singular perspective, could have global impact.

Being a videographer, a songwriter, and enjoying sharing both endeavors with as many people as possible through my myriad websites, I wanted to create the most effective way to share this concept.  A music video was my natural choice.  On all of my songs and music videos, I have collaborated with my pal Dale Price, from Electric Canyon Studios.  He is a master at making my voice sound better than it is and turning my acoustic guitar into a rocking band.  He was also instrumental in taking hundreds of hours of video footage and turning it into the amazing result below.  Thanks, Dale!

Please enjoy:

Remember: Change Yourself – Change the World


Think about it.

Until next time…