Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Do you need a hug? While enjoying a way-too-short escape to scenic San Diego recently, my wife and I encountered this gentleman wandering through Balboa Park. He was as sincere as his sign and happily embraced both of us, free of charge. Only in California, huh?

Now, I invite you to pull up a chair, get comfortable, and check out the newest videos at livelife365.com. Here is a brief summary:

Do You Have a Special Place?
Mike discusses the importance of allowing your mind the freedom to escape.

Lose Weight at livelife365.com
Check out this video Mike created to call attention to livelife365.com, and how you can change your life. Intended for use on other video sites, but take a peek, if you want.

YouTube Metacafe
Both are video sharing sites that Mike uses extensively. One you've probably heard about. They both are great.

Another great social networking site that Mike visits all the time. You should too.

Mike Walking and Talking: Laughter
Join Mike on another one of his walk and talks. This time he talks about the importance of laughing every day.

This is a great site for indie and international films.

Breakfast With Mike
Mike introduces a new segment. In this initial video, he talks about following your dreams and not allowing anything to stop you.

A Day of Fiber
This is what Mike eats most days. It is full of fiber and low on calories. It even has over 50.0 grams of protein. And you will lose weight!

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