Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Do It? Ten Tips to Get You Started

We've all heard those three words before, right? Just do it. And while I encourage taking personal accountability for your actions, and further support the notion that we DO, indeed, control a lot of our life, getting from the WANTING to do it to the DO of doing it is a different story.

And it isn't about the HOW of just doing it. I have an entire videography filled with tips and proven methods and programs that explain, in detail, HOW to lose weight, battle addictions, get in shape, balance your life, and much more. I have written countless blog posts about the same topics.

Google "weight loss" and you will get 93 million responses offering ways to lose as much weight in as short a time as you want, need, desire, or dream. The HOW, while at times different and debatable, is not always the issue.

Of course, I'd like to think that my methods for weight loss, eating a high-fiber diet and making your calories count, are more effective than what all those other sites are offering (they are), but if you are not READY and WILLING to just DO it, no diet or exercise program will work. NONE.

But I have good news for you: helpful tips to motivate you from WANTING to do it to just DOING it.



Let's say you're trying to lose weight. Try taping an inspiring photo on your fridge or workstation of you in that nice bathing suit you would love to fit in again. See your future! This works for anything: new car, flat screen TV, house! If you stare at your dreams every day, something may just "click" in your brain, and help motivate you to take that first step.


You have the power to do more than you think. Start thinking differently about the way your mind looks at:

*Food (if you're trying to loss weight or eat better)
*Exercise (if you're working on getting back in shape)
*Finances (balancing your budget, trying to get out of debt)

Change your mind and you can change your life.


Oft times failure is good. Why? Because it means you're at least trying, attempting something. My video, Failing = Feedback, will help you see that the only people who never fail are the ones who never try to do anything.


By reading this post, you already have a good start toward this, but read more. Read, research, watch, listen. Knowledge is power. If you want to loss weight or eat healthier or quit smoking or balance your life, livelife365.com and this blog are great starting points, but don't stop here.


During your self-education, besides discovering sites like livelife365.com, you will also find lots of other wonderful support groups of like-minded thinkers. For health and fitness, with the support of hundreds of bloggers and certified nutritionists, there's no better place than Iowa Avenue and its sister site, Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers.

And don't limit your support groups to just online ones: investigate local and community groups and clubs. Remember, they call them "support" groups for a reason.


A little at a time goes a long way. If you're trying to quit smoking, cutting down from three packs a day to only ten cigarettes is progress. Don't take on more than you can handle; this leads to discouragement, which can lead to giving up. Like that toddler learning to walk, you may fall on your bottom a few times, but, just like a kid, you need to get right back up and keep going...taking one baby step at a time.


Hey, it's your life, right? If it is your desire to drop a few (or a lot) of pounds or stop drinking or smoking, then why allow anyone (or anything) to get in the way of your goals. It is imperative that your significant other, family, and friends are all on board; if not, at least don't allow them to deter you from your desires. If they care about you, they will understand.


If your six-year-old asks why you smoke after their teacher told the class that smoking is bad for you, what do you say to that child? If you don't care about your health, think about how your sudden death or lengthy illness would affect your loved ones.


Sadly, sometimes it takes a life-changing event before we finally take life-changing actions. Believe me, I know. I was divorced twice, addicted to nicotine and alcohol, bankrupt and depressed before I finally hit bottom and decided to do something about it. I strongly suggest not waiting for the bottom--start now!


You may never hit bottom, never take action. If this is the case, what's left? Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer are the leading causes of death in the world today. The sad fact is that most of those deaths can be prevented by taking action NOW by changing your lifestyle from harmful to healthy.

When someone tells you to JUST DO IT, they are trying to help you, trying to motivate you into changing yourself into living a long, happy, healthy, productive life.

This blog and livelife365.com are here to help you DO just that.

I sincerely hope this post has motivated you to try to...





Anonymous said...

I think many of us have a hard time translating wanting into doing. You have given us ten solid tips to help make it happen. That puts the burden back on us to "Just Do it!" Thanks Mike, great post.

Kim said...

Have you read the book entitled "7 Habits of highly Effective Individual?.
It's a good book for you to read also .

Add me up on your list please. I want to be updated with your postings also.

Anonymous said...

As always, excellent post with great tips...and might I add "don't be afraid to fall, if you do, get back up and keep on going"

Many times people give up after the first attempt and then one bad day, one wrong meal and that's it, it's over. Mike, you go it right--Just do it, then do it again! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouraging post. :)

Lidian said...

Excellent advice - works for everything, really. I find as a writer that just getting to the keyboard and starting a piece is the hardest bit, the transition from not-doing to doing. After that, it seems easier.

Lance said...

Nice list of tips! The one that stands out for me is failure. Because we try and fail, doesn't mean we really "failed" - it only means we found one way that doesn't work. And we learn in the process. And then we just do it again. Learning along the way...

Brenda said...

My problem is never beginning (or wanting to), it is sustaining. I'm thinking of taking your suggestion about a support group, however. I've not yet tried that.

Anonymous said...

Great list, Mike.

My favorite is "Don't let anyone stand in your way" including yourself. Often times, we can be our own worst enemy.

BTW, thank you for the Iowa Avenue and Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers plugs..............:)

Anonymous said...

ah yeah, reprogramming the brain. So very true. That's why I have always had to build myself up to do things like quit smoking, change my diet, routinely workout. I need that reprogramming to ensure I have set the foundation well enough for success.

You have some great tips and thoughts to consider here. Nicely done!

I'm just now starting that process to quit smoking once again. I'll be swinging in to get some inspiration from your posts for sure. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

This is excellent information. I love the baby steps. People often feel like they have to do huge things and make HUGE changes, but the important stuff happens a little bit at a time. I love all of these ten tips!
Diana Fletcher, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

Anonymous said...

Very nice list!

I agree with the Baby Steps one a lot which is why I teach people to make the transition to a flexitarian diet by making over their favorite comfort foods to their healthiest possible versions using a fallback method (tapering off the foods they struggle with) and allow built-in cheat time.

I also agree with the if not for you, them concept, but I really think ultimately, it's got to be for you. You have to want to take action to be good to yourself and live your best life possible.

Melanie Jordan
Author of "Have Your Cheeseburger And Keep Your Health Too!"

Anonymous said...

cool. the just do it symbol used to be my logo i kept around the house. i'm working on my weight and will check out the video. thanks.

Varun said...

Just do it! I've made up plans about what I'm going to do to look better.Always gave up too soon.aybe your new article will help me

Eric S. said...

Mike, Good tips. I find myself in that "making the decision" mode all the time. I guess that's the transition from wanting to doing your talking about. There is always an excuse available if you let yourself fall for it. The hard part is actually getting started.

Thanks for the tips, I'll work on a few of them and see what I can get started.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I do agree, even though we believe "just do it", that doesn't mean it will be any easier. I like how you have listed ten tips to get started. My favorite is don't let anyone get in your way. Too often others want to sabotage our progress. We need to remain strong.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog via your mugshot on b&p,im on my 3rd day of giving up ciggies cold turkey and this looks like a godsend thanks.

Unknown said...

It's already working! I wanted to comment, wasn't sure what to say, so I just did it ;)

Unknown said...

John--it is always up to the individual...though easier said than done

Kuyan@kim--sounds like a plan

spindiva--I am a big advocate of encouraging failure as a form of learning from mistakes

rayne--you're welcome, hope it helped

lidian--I once read that writers would rather clean the toilet than write...until they finally sit down and face the keyboard...then we usually love it

lanceman--not trying is the biggest failure

brenda--good luck. The right support groups are priceless

lisanewton--I agree, we tend to be hardest on ourselves...never give up! And I love Iowa Avenue and HLB!!

wayne--All the best on quiting those smokes--check out my videos on addiction, they may help

Diana (aka anonymous)--a little goes a long way, and thanks for the kind words

Melanie--I agree that it's good to give yourself a cheat treat every now and then

natural--what else can I say but: just do it...and good luck

varun--never, ever give up...you only have one life!

eric--How are those cute dogs? We all seem to lie to ourselves more often than we care to admit; good luck!

barbara--most of us know what needs to be done; motivation is another matter.

tony--I quit smoking years ago, cold turkey, and, while difficult at first, eventually felt better than ever. One tip: exercise. When your body realizes what smoking did to it and how it feels while trying to get back in shape, your mind with take over and let you know that returning to smoking is NOT an option. Let me know how it works out

emily--Yes, you did. Glad you stopped by.



Us4 Cats said...

'accountability for ones actions ' now there is a concept!
: )
first time visiting your blog here.


Jackie said...

Excellent post with tons of interesting info.

Slimming for me is easy as I just do a veggie juice fast for a few days every time I find my jeans hard to pull up but keeping my home in order is another matter .... clutter, clutter, clutter and I keep putting off doing anything about it even though it is now Spring here :(

I shall have to visualize my home as if Oprah's decorator Nate had fixed everything up LOL

Vintage Lollipops said...

Wonderful post! And thank you for the comment, you're absolutely right! I suppose it's like looking outside in, and even if the glimpse is transitory... the perspective has been given time to breathe.


I think these are excellent and sound tips. I find one of the biggest obstacles is going from talking about it to doing it. Once I start though there is no holding back. Unfortunately for some people they have to hit rock bottom before anything is changed. Love your facial expressions! You are funny!

Laura said...

Great post, Mike! All the points you made are motivational and encouraging. Thanks!

gLoR!e said...

highly recommended on the tips! I like it..i might as well apply this..!:)

continue on sharing! thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

those are really great.

Anonymous said...

Mike, a beautiful post. I agree on every step you suggest. NLP can help even further.

Ish said...

very unique tips you have here mr. mike,i think all of the million tips and tricks that making rounds in the internet about weight loss can really help some of us but for me the key to do some things like weight loss is discipline without it, not much good will happen.

great blog you have here
more power

Unknown said...

whatloknows--I am very big on personal accountability

jackie--You're lucky, in that staying slim is not a problem. As for that clutter: just do it!

bella--yes! I think...

Heidi--my face is my moneymaker...hmmm, no wonder I'm broke...

Laura--you're welcome, Laura, you should know, your blog is great!

glorie--good luck, and thanks...

santosh--hope they help

elio--thanks, elio...



Unknown said...

Oops, missed one:

health assistant--yes, self discipline is essential in getting things done...glad you like livelife365

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike, very interesting article whom you post.
Here I can read about all news.

Faisal Admar said...

I have a good shape (sorry to brag about lol) but what I am trying to do is to give my mom and sister some advice. They tried to follow what I told them but after a while they lose their spirit. I don’t blame them as I have no difficulty to lose weight in a month but they have low metabolism compared to me.

What should I do to gain their spirit instead of “you can do it… I know!”?

gjp/global said...

This is just what I needed tonight. I need to move away from the area I am in and get into a better environment. Understand that I have done this 14 times all because of the same issue...2nd hand smoke.

So "just do it" I am taking baby steps. Thanks for the push...

Unknown said...

Very good article, Thank You! Have a great weekend.