Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mo' Better (Social Networking) Blues

With apologies to Denzel Washington and Spike Lee ("Mo' Better Blues"), I begin this post. Has anyone noticed that my recent music video, "Social Networking Blues," has climbed the charts on my video site and now resides at the very top of the Most Popular list?
No? Well, here’s proof:

It has also done well on Metacafe and YouTube. What, some of you may be asking, am I talking about? Well, this, of course:

While these few thousand views are considered a bad hour for some viral Internet videos, they show me that my creative efforts are appreciated and, hopefully, enjoyed by a wide variety of viewers. In fact, I am so excited by the feedback I’ve received on this video I want to do something special in return.


This blog and my video site, ( have been around for over a year now and I have not yet had a contest, thought about having a contest, felt the need or desire to have a contest, or had the energy to think up a contest worth doing. Until now, that is. In celebration of “Social Networking Blues” hitting number one on my vid site, and as a reward to all you loyal followers of both of my sites, here it is:


1. Tell me your most bizarre social networking story. Or…
2. Watch my social networking video and describe what it means to you. Or…
3. Make up a social networking story, combing both the bizarre and my video.

* Extra points will be awarded to those who leave comments on both this post and at my video site.
* Entries will be judged on originality, creativity, humor, and whoever sucks up to me the most.
* The deadline for all entries will be May 8, 2009.

What’s a contest without prizes, right?

I am offering several prizes and, depending on how many entries I receive, will award them to one or several contestants.


* 5,000 Entrecard credits (not everyone’s cup of tea, but cool if you’re an Entrecarder)
* Autographed and inscribed livelife365 CD, featuring Mike Foster and the Hungry & Poor Band (You’ve tapped your toes to the tunes, now own the CD!)
* Autographed and inscribed copy of my young adult novel, "Mikey and the Mysterious Kite" (fun read for all ages!)
* Personalized video about you or your blog or website, filmed by me, added to my video site, and blogged about on this blog (the best prize, as far as I’m concerned)

Few things in life bring me more joy than writing and performing my own music, and then adding that finished musical tune to video. Also on that list of joys is making people smile, laugh, or just happy watching one of my creations. Social networking is one of the best ways for me to marry both of these passions: sharing my creative endeavors with as many people as possible. From my hectic/active participation in this madness otherwise known as social networking this song and video were born, and, in turn, this contest created.

I hope you enjoy watching and commenting on my passion as much as I love doing it. In life, what more can one ask for?

Until next time…




LisaNewton said...

Congratulations on your successful video. I love the way you sing, your humor, and your guitar playing...........:)

Keep up the good work, Mike.

Mark said...

Wow! Singing, do it all! I once saw the fail whale 14 times on Twitter before I gave up for the day. Does that count? I love the post and videos Mike!

askcherlock said...

What a great video! No wonder it is getting so many hits. Those of us bloggers can truly relate. Terrific humor, funny lyics and a great tune. You need to be on all those sites so people can find you.

HalfCrazy said...

Haha, I really love your video! You're so wacky! I can't believe there are so many social networking sites, I'm not much, actually!

Keep up the good work with the videos!

Unknown said...

lisa: how about trying the contest?

mark: sure, i will consider this an question: what's the fail whale?

askcherlock: thanks for the kind words...

halfcrazy: yes, i can handle being considered wacky...what about you? any wacky social networking stories?

what's that sound i hear? crickets? hello? anybody out there?




Maude Lynn said...

Mike, I love the video! I've totally fallen victim to the time suck of social networking and link following. "Just one more, just one more!"

By the way, the video for the contest itself totally cracked me up. In that wig, you look like Gene Simmons! Hilarious!

Redkathy said...

I'm not big on contests but I gotta tell you, I knew that song/post/video would net you something.... I grin every time I think about it!

Coach Rollie said...

I'm glad to hear that video is doing well. I though it was awesome when I first saw it. Anyway, good luck with the contest.

Faisal Admar said...

the best social network web is facebook i think?

Unknown said...

mama zen: time suck is right...but we do it, don't we? for some reason i enjoy putting that wig on...

redkathy: happy you are grinning, and to tell ya the truth i'm not big on contests either, just trying to spread the word, ya know?

fat x: thanks, your site rocks too...

faisal: facebook is cool...

come on, somebody has to have a social networking story to share...don't you?



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, I am totally into Yelp, Wordpress, Facebook, Fazed, Youtube and Twitter, I have other social networking accounts, but those are the ones I go on a daily basis. The thing about the internet is, "on the internet, the men are men, the women are men, and the underage are FBI" - hahaha! I know that was bad!

Anyways Mike keep up the good work. Happy Easter to you and yours.

Rod V.

Unknown said...

Mike I adore the video. I was not a huge social networker, maybe I'm too old! I do love Twitter, but once I realized that Facebook could be used to help me raise money for my breast cancer walk I was sold. Now I am stumbling my way around the social networks checking out all the cool people on them.

Unknown said...

ron: sounds like you do quite a bit of social networking. Any crazy stories?

doris: thanks for the nice comment, and raising money for the breast cancer walk is a good thing...I've done that walk many times...



suwari said...

Hello Mike,

Im in the Entrecard also. Do you know that when someone send you a message through Entrecard. I thought someone trying to know more about me or my blog. But surprisingly, what I got in the message is. "Do you want to buy entrecard?"

Hey, i dont even ask anyone about entrecard but the message is send to me. Maybe everyone know entrecard is good for making money and it is the next big thing to do advertising.

Nice video and song. I write a post about your contest at:

Shey said...

Awesome song with a fun and appropriate vid! Nice job!

Paul Eilers said...


Your joy of music comes through in your videos. I enjoy watching them as well.

Have a great day!


Eat Well. Live Well.

fedhz said...

Hi, Mike.. wow! what else can I say? It would be fun to share my networking stories, but I think I have only been active in Twitter, and lately in facebook.. before I did a lot of Friendster.. i SU sometimes and Digg when I remember it or find a button. ^^

can you extend the deadline so I can tell my friends regarding this contest? thanks!

fedhz said...

Hi, Mike.. I'm back.. Just posted my invite to your contest. I don't know if I'm joining this contest, or that I'm qualified. I just ended up blurting out my rants regarding my so-called "friends".. lol