Sunday, November 1, 2009

Veg Out, Maui Style!


Er…I mean, greetings from the mainland. I am back from my wonderful trip across the Pacific, where my lovely wife and I enjoyed several laid back days of doing all those things we wish we could do during the “real” moments of our lives. Not that lounging on the beach, catching the sun’s rays, reading for pleasure and enjoyment, gazing meditatively at the ocean as if it held all the answers in the world, with nary a thought inside one’s head except where should we dine that evening are not “real” moments. It’s just that the reality of returning from mid-80’s weather to overnights in the 40’s, as well as awakening to the sound of the alarm clock and the angst of facing that day job are a tad bit lower on my “things I love to do” list than hanging out in Maui.

But life goes on, and I am thankful and lucky that I love my life here at home almost as much as the fantasy one I just left. Not that my vacation was all play and no work. While away I was focused, as I constantly am, on balance, especially managing my triad of balance: the harmonious union between the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

I was able to write daily, along with reading tons of articles and other interesting data that I am unable to catch up on during my hectic “regular” life. While somewhat limited physically (due to a troublesome right shoulder--yes, the left one used to be the bad one, but, eh, what can I say, they're a match pair), I still walked daily, often several miles along the convenient beach paths. My wife and I also experienced an incredible day volunteering at an organic farm in the quaint upcountry town of Kula; as soon as I edit all of the video footage I shot, I will share this experience right here and at my video site.

We also ate well, often, and, surprisingly, mostly healthy. One of the things I love best while on the island is the variety of fresh fruits and veggies available at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. Plus, most of the local restaurants prepare their meals with Maui-grown fruits and vegetables, like those my wife and I helped plant on that organic farm in Kula. I shot tons of videos showcasing the unique produce found in Hawaii (lots of new vids coming very soon!), and prepared my latest veg out dish using many of those fresh ingredients.


Replace the butter with olive oil (or another vegetable oil) and the cheese with a vegetable-based cheese, and vegans can also enjoy this tasty dish.

One ingredient I forgot to add were fresh herbs. That scramble, while delicious as it was, could have been enhanced by adding some fresh basil or parsley…or the favorite herb of your choice. Before I left for the islands, I shot this video, which may explain why I had herbs, as well as aloha, on my mind:


I may be back in the “real” world, the timely rhythm of the ocean a faint memory battling with dozens of other thoughts in my head, but all I need to do is close my eyes and I’m back on the island, the smell of Maui onions sautéing on the stove and the aloha spirit permeating my being like a breath of sultry air.

I hope all of your days are filled with everything that you desire them to be.

Until next time…




Barry said...

Welcome back to "reality" Mike!

I looks like you've brought a lot of that peace and beauty of the pacific back home with you.

My wife and I are newly launched vegetarians looking for some good recipes, so your video was a real find for us.

Tom Usher said...

I'm not ovo or lacto, but it's close and looks good/tasty. I can smell it too. You do a nice, soothing job with your videos.

Ish said...

Welcome back Mr. Mike!!!

Robin Easton said...

God, that looks sooooo GOOD!!

BTW, welcome back Mike. Wonderful to see you here again. Gosh you look all tan and REALLY relaxed and healthy. You always look healthy, but this is like you are jumping out of your skin with vitality. WOW!!

Love both videos, just SO you. I don't have all the ingredients that you used here, but I do have many of them in my fridge today. So maybe I'll do a Robin version of this.

What a place you stayed in with the sea right outside your patio. Just amazing. I miss the sea SO much.

Not sure who filmed this, maybe your wife?? She did a GREAT job.

Sending hugs,

kRiZcPEc said...

I'm sure the dishes taste great!

WellnessPartners said...

mmm... looks delicious. I should try it too!

Cher Duncombe said...

It is wonderful to get away, but even more wonderful when you are just as happy to be home. The food does look great and makes me think I may even try a recipe, though I'm not Vegan---yet.

Redkathy said...

Was so looking forward to your return. I could use some peace right about now and you always seem to deliver! Glad you both had some time to relax and refresh.

Dhemz said...

looks delish and very healthy....:)

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Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike!
Had to be tough to leave Maui but at least you are in an area that is winter free! I have herbs in the garden that I had to bring inside for the winter. You are right - nothing better than fresh!

Unknown said...

barry: going veggie is a great road to better health, good luck and glad i could help

tom: thanks, that scramble was ono (hawaiian for good)

ish: aloha!

robin: our condo, while on the small side, has a stunning view that draws us back to the island time and again...the key is bring that aloha spirit home with me...

kriz: looks great too

wellness: try it, you'll like it

askcherlock: your are so right: escapism is nice, but living a good life every day is even better

redkathy: thanks for your kind words...relaxed, yes and ready to work

dhemz: aloha, i will see what i can do

suzen: the aroma of fresh herbs is stunning...and i have island envy as i type this...



Coach Rollie said...

Reading that made me hungry.

Paul Eilers said...

Mike, another great and informative post.

By the way, did you watch any baseball while on vacation?

It sure does suck that the Yankees won the World Series.

For me, it is anybody but the Yankees.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

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