Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Name, It's a Fruit, It's a...Kiwi!

Hey, could be worse, I could have said “It’s a Chinese Gooseberry!”

What am I talking about? Kiwifruit, or as it’s more commonly known: Kiwi. And, yes, it was once called the Chinese Gooseberry. Doesn’t take an MBA to see why that name didn’t stick around.

But isn’t a kiwi a bird?


And, isn’t kiwi a nickname for New Zealanders?

Yes, again.

And isn’t Kiwi the name of one of those new micro planets recently discovered in the galaxy Yerdaft?

Ahh, no, I made that one up.

But all the other stuff is true. There is a flightless bird in New Zealand called the kiwi. And New Zealanders are often called Kiwis.

All that Chinese Gooseberry stuff, you made that up too, right?

Ahh, no. That, I’m afraid, is true. In the 1950s, when New Zealand began to export kiwifruit, they changed the name from Chinese Gooseberry, for political reasons, opting to briefly call it melonette, and then settling on kiwifruit.

So, what is a kiwi, anyway? I thought you’d never ask:


Besides having such an interesting past, kiwis are a delicious berry that can be used in fruit salads, desserts, smoothies and juices. As well as in many savory dishes.

But it’s the kiwi’s amazing health benefits that puts a smile on my face. Did you know that kiwi’s:

· Are loaded with antioxidants
· Are high in fiber (eat the skin—it’s fuzzy and tasty)
· Have as much vitamin C as an orange
· Have almost as much potassium as a banana
· Contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid
· Are low in calories (around 50 a berry)
· Contain no fat
· Can help improve conditions of asthmatic children
· Are grown right here in Northern California (as well as Italy, China, and, of course, New Zealand)

I bet, besides wishing you had one of those juicy beauties in your hands right now, you’re wondering how to eat one, right?

Watch, listen, learn, enjoy:


How do you know when kiwis are ripe? I compare checking for ripeness like you would an avocado. Gently press down on the fruit, if it’s too firm, give it a few days. Kiwis are ripe and ready to eat when their outer flesh has some give to the pressure of your fingers, just like an avocado. And I know a little about avocados:


They may have a bit of a multiple personality and a somewhat sordid past, but once you get past all that, kiwis are not only sweet (with a little tartness, like strawberries) and versatile, but loaded with amazing health benefits—a good thing. I hope you enjoy a few today.

Until next time.




Carol King said...

Great info Mike, I enjoy Kiwi's but I have never eaten the skin and I did not know they had so many amazing health benefits. I guess I will be adding more of these to my morning fruit salad.

The Lola VIbe said...

Kiwis are so good and the health benefits are great! Great post, thanks for sharing!

Ish said...

never tried one, but becaue of its health benefits maybe I will try one soon.

Health Assistant

Bryan said...

I haven't tried that one too. I think it taste awful before, but I guess I should make it a try..

Unknown said...

carol: the skin, while a bit fuzzy, actually tastes great

the lola vibe: you know your fruit, thanks for the comment

ish: give a try and let me know what ya think

bryan: oh, you're gonna love it...


Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! Love these two fruits - have them all the time at our house. Unfortunately living in the Midwest I'm probably not getting them as fresh or cheaply as you are, but whatever! I'm a big fan of REAL food - hence I spend zero dollars on junk.

Anonymous said...

Kiwi fruits are brilliant - we love down under in Australia!

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Angelr said...

I love kiwifruit but I call them bombs. If you get constipation then this is your cure. Believe me! :)

Miss Journey said...

Mmm. I love kiwis, but I certainly learned a lot of new things about them. I might have to go get one in the near future.

Unknown said...

suzen: you are my hero...keep on eating the right stuff...

john: brilliant they are

angeir: bombs...i think i am getting the point...

miss: lots to love about those kiwis