Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Do You Do Every Day?

Livelife365 is all about doing. Doing something positive every day. Something healthy. Spiritual. Exercising your body, yes, but also your mind. And your spirit. When I created livelife365 I wanted to share with as many people as possible helpful tips and successful programs that I have developed through the years, using videos and blog posts, like this one. Most of the successes that I talk and write about are things that I do every single day. Maybe that’s why this site is called livelife365.

What are some of the things—positive, useful, invigorating, creative, important, worthwhile, fun, healthy, entertaining, fulfilling—things that you do each day?

I created a list, but also, of course, a video:


1. Exercise. Break a sweat. Do something physical, be it just taking a walk or lifting weights and riding my stationary bike. Even if you detest working out you can still get plenty of exercise chasing your kids around the yard, doing housework, washing the car, walking to the mailbox, or rolling around in bed with your significant other.

2. Enjoy the great outdoors. You don’t have to live in the mountains or by a beach to appreciate the natural wonder and beauty of the earth. I have to go outside as often as possible during the day. Summertime is easier, but I still see many folks walk from house to car to work to car to house without stopping to smell the flowers or bask in the splendor. Taking a walk is an excellent way to get your exercise in while also listening to the birds.  Plus the sun offers vitamin D, an essential necessity.
3.Meditate.  I meditate every morning.  My goal is at least thirty minutes of just sitting in a quiet room, eyes relaxed, sometimes closed, most times half-closed, clearing the clutter from my brain, listening to the sounds around me other than the thoughts in my head.  It’s easier than you may think, and well worth a few minutes of your day.

4. Drink green tea. I used to be a soda junkie, drank over five cans of Diet Coke a day. Not only is all that caffeine bad for you, but the other junk they put in soda can remove corrosion from a carburetor…imagine what it does to your stomach. When I gave up soda several years ago I started drinking green tea, and have never looked back. Green tea tastes great, is loaded with antioxidant and polyphenols, which help the immune system and protect against cancer and heart disease. Green tea also settles your stomach, not upsets is like with soda, and it can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and even fight tooth decay. Get the idea I dig green tea? You should too. Oh, and by the way, my new music video called “Drink Green Tea Every Day” will be out very soon.

5. Laugh. Sounds simple, sounds easy, sounds, well, rather silly to put on my list, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t laugh enough—especially at themselves. Having a sense of humor goes a long way toward helping heal whatever ails you. And it’s fun! That’s why when I developed this site I included lots of funny stuff to go along with the healthy living and personal development tips, because you gotta laugh.

6. Eat healthy. Easier said than done for way too many people, but enjoying a healthy diet of fresh veggies and fruit, whole grains, beans and legumes, low in bad fats and high in fiber is the fuel that makes me who I am. The best part, besides being good for you and aiding in helping you live a longer, happier, healthier life, is all these healthy foods taste amazing. Don’t let those fast food commercials fool you. A farm fresh tomato on whole wheat is one of the tastiest things you can eat…my mouth is watering already.

7. Pursue my hobbies. I play my guitar every day—sing, write music, just enjoying the sound. That’s one of my hobbies, I have many more: gardening, landscaping, writing, videography, book collecting. We work, we rest, we enjoy time with family and friends, we eat and go to bed. In between you must try to find the time to do something for yourself—hobbies will get you to the place you need to be.
8. Read. Speaking of hobbies. I have had a voracious appetite for books ever since I can remember. I love to read. I read every single day of my life. I usually have several books going at one time—fiction, non-fiction, humorous, historical. I also devour newspapers and magazines…not to mention spending way too many hours of my life at my day job, reading endless tomes there. Reading is my great escape as well as my daily bread.

9. Think positive thoughts. I am a firm believer that no matter how bad things get—and life WILL deal you bad stuff—you have to remain positive. You have that power, something only you can control. Even if I’m having a particularly dreadful day for reasons that only astrologers and weathermen can explain, I still try to find something positive inside the gloom. And more often than not my sour mood turns better, and I shake my head and wonder why I was so down in the first place. Again, life is going to get all of us sometimes, but we have the power to fight back with positivity.

10. Floss. Every day. Besides brushing after every meal, I floss every night before bedtime. We only get one set of choppers so we have to take good care of them. Flossing is actually good for your heart, as well as reaching all those nooks and crannies inside your maw that your toothbrush cannot. Like my oral hygienist likes to say, “You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep.”

I’m sure there are a few more things I do each day that didn’t make my top ten list, but it’s a good list. For me. What about you? We all have certain things that we need to do every day to live the life we want and need—these are some of mine. Hope your list is as healthy and happy and as fulfilling as I feel mine is.

Until next time…




Kren & Gerard said...

Sorry, but I strongly disagree with you on green tea. I think it tastes terrible! I mostly drink water and one glass of the V8 Fusion drink.

I agree with you on the meditation time, hobbies and reading.

Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! What a great list! If I made one it would already echo yours - plus I write in my journal each morning (journal junkie that I am!) and while I'm busy with all the positive energy I'm always looking to spread it around or find at least one opportunity to help somebody, even if it's just a smile and happy greeting to a store clerk. All that good positive stuff is a bit empty if you can't share it.

Bob Lowry said...

I can't pass a bookstore without feeling a magnetic pull. Amazon has given me my own personal web portal!

I have noticed since I started blogging a few months ago I'm spending more time writing and looking at web sites than reading. But, that is OK. Now when I read I'm more selective.

dluvscoke said...

I love your list. I have a hard time meditating. I can't seem to clear my head of thoughts for 5 minutes, let alone a half hour. I am going to try the green tea. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike- I hoped to find a contact email for you but couldn't... wanted to see if I could work with you on a blog post- would love to get an email from you and tell you more:
joetwelves (at) keeperpress.com


Greg said...

Man oh man, did you hit the chord on that list, it's all so simple yet it does so much for the mind and body. I sit in my car at lunch, get some sun and meditate, it clears the clutter from work.

And laugh..you have to laugh everyday and make fun of yourself, because of you take yourself to seriously, then you've had it.

take care mike and thanks for the reminders.
I'm almost completely soda free, down to half a can a day, will have tor try Green tea.

Diane Q. said...

Hi Mike,
I noticed on one of your other videos that you enjoy almonds as a healthy whole food. As a California farmer, I would like to send you some. Where can I mail them to?
D. Quaresma

Bucccal said...

Your list made me think of some things I try to do everyday in my life and sometimes skip.
Believe it or not one of those things was flossing my teeth, which is sometimes considered even more important than brushing!
I've considering making notes I can paste all around to remind me of the things I gotta do.

Jupiter Chiropractor, Palm Beach said...

want to live longer? Try these tips, I'll try and I'll let you know what will happen. Thanks

Jen said...

I try to relax, I suppose you might call that meditate, for a few minutes. I try to do it each morning before the kids and animals start to stir. When the house is still asleep. It makes me feel energetic and ready to take on the day.

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