Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Deal With Life’s Imperfections

How’s this new year going for you?  Getting all those resolutions and goals figured out?  Or have you already given up, like a handful of folks do when confronted by a bump in the road along the path to achievement?

“Life is a series of one roadblock after another.”

                        ~ Mike Foster

Yes, life can be a constant thorn in ones side, or a blessing - it all depends on how you look at it.

Another thing you can say about life is that its one constant is change.  Our challenge is in overcoming adversity while embracing the change that will inevitably seek us.

Call them what you will - roadblocks, unwanted change, adversities, bumps in the road.  One thing that separates those who succeed in life and those who find excuses around every corner is the ability to adapt, to persevere, to overcome and embrace change and roadblocks as challenges to adapt to and not complain about.

What is your major roadblock standing in the way of your success?

The best way I’ve discovered in helping me deal with life’s imperfections and constant curveballs is by using laughter.  A favorite Zen saying of mine is:

"Nothing is left to you at this moment but to have a good laugh."

One of the things that separates us from all other life forms is our  ability to laugh in the face of some of the most dire situations, chuckle when all around us are freaking out, guffaw when life looks its darkest.  Like the old adage suggests: “when life gives you lemons make lemonade.”

This time of year millions of people, just like yourself, are making resolutions and setting goals to attain throughout the year.  Goals to lose weight, eat better, be more charitable, compassionate, kind.  I applaud anyone who strives to improve themselves, while also reminding anyone within earshot that goals and resolutions should not just be saved at year’s end or its beginning - set them and refine that as often as necessary, throughout the year and whenever you feel the need to improve yourself.

In summation, life is life is life.  It is up to you to make the best of  not only any bad or tough situation, but all the good ones too.  We may not be able to control a lot of what life tosses our way, but we can control how we react and deal with it.

* Have a laugh at life’s idiosyncratic impossibilities and seemingly unfair results.

* Look adversity in the face and dare to overcome it.

* Embrace not only every new year and opportunity to change for the better, but every day.

* Understand that there will be bumps in the road and challenges along the way…

* …and that you can control how you react to them, as well as your effort and energy in overcoming them.

Remember, sometimes you just gotta laugh at life.

But never, ever give up striving to do your best so that you live your life to its fullest.

Every day in every way.

Until next time...




Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! I like to look at roadblocks as "opportunities" to expand my thinking perhaps or to get more creative. But I love how you said (in essence) keep walking. It's my mantra.

The squirrel story is precious - whoda thunk it? haha! They were just doing what squirrels do. You are absolutely right about laughing. What wonderful medicine for the spirit!

BTW, I'm birthing a website and new blog called Todays Path (health and wellness) and would like to put a link to your blog on it on my links page. Is this fine? If you would like TWO and you really love me (this is a test, haha!) could you send me a brief testimonial/recommendation via email? I'll love you regardless!

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i always take the phrase if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger. nice blog keep it up

Marissa said...

I liked your zen phrase "Nothing is left to you at this moment but to have a good laugh." It's always important to realize we are here NOW, living and breathing. In the New Year I'm going to concentrate on what I have and where I am in the present.

Kathrine said...

Great post, you have to be able to laugh at what life throws at you.

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Terrans said...

Hi Mike,

This is great article. I take my roadblocks as challenge which stimulates me more to achieve my goals. Without roadblocks my life will be boring.

Thank You, Terrans