Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Make Tasty Guac!

I love Mexican food!

I am originally from New England, Back East, Red Sox and Yankee Country.  We have harsh winters and humid summers, eat clam chowder, both white and red, and have that “Faggahettabbbouttitt!” attitude.  Italian food and the best pizza around can be found there, but Mexican food?  Like the guy said: Faggahettabbbouttitt!”

When I moved out to California in the eighties, I didn’t know an avocado from and apricot, and had only sampled a handful of Mexican classics, sadly mostly from a fast food chain with a bell on its façade.  I never tasted guacamole until I was well into my twenties.

Today, having lived on the West Coast for over half my adult life, and for decades being a rock’s toss from our amigos to the south of the boarder, I not only am familiar with Mexican cuisine, but nosh on it as often as three times weekly.

One of my favorite dipping snacks, right there alongside spicy salsa, is guacamole.  The best part about this delicious, avocado-rich dip is how simple it is to make.  Watch for yourself:

Take four ripe avocados, dice them up, add half a chopped white onion, a chopped tomato, without the seeds, handful of chopped cilantro, finely diced radish, diced jalapeno, depending on how hot you like it, squeeze of lime, salt and pepper to taste, and you have yourself a fresh, delicious, fast snack.

I may be an east coaster at heart, but as the years go by I am more and more a west coaster who embraces the cultures and tastes of the land—like Mexican food, especially avocado-laden foods like guacamole.

Next time you’re in the produce aisle of your grocery store and see one of those rough, green, odd-looking hand grenade things, grab a few, along with onion, tomato and the rest of the gang, and make yourself some guac.
You’ll be glad you did.

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Bagman and Butler said...

Having lived half my adult life (not sure about the "adult" part)I may have forgotten but I think that there is Red Sox Country and Yankee Country but no such thing as Red Sox and Yankee country. But count me in on guacamole.

Unknown said...

I grew up and still am a die hard sox fan and despise the dreaded yankees...perhaps a poorly worded sentence...thanks for pointing it out. and ya gotta love guac...peace, mike

Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! LOVE guac! I even use it as a spread for sandwiches (tho I'm into the roll up rather than sliced bread). My all time favorite salad is Avocado chuncks, tomato chuncks, red onion chunks and lots of chick peas - with a balsamic dressing - I can eat tons of it! Try it! :)

Unknown said...

hey suze...that salad sounds mouth waters as i write this...avocado is a staple in our home...just gotta watch those always...thanks for stopping by...peace, mike

Marissa said...

I love guac! I grew up in San Diego with avocado orchards just 20 mins inland from me and I made that stuff all the time! I sometimes would add black beans if I ever wanted it to be more substantial or if you're looking for something more exciting try adding a splash of tequila :D

I've been back working in Boston for the past three years so you can imagine how much my mouth is watering!

bodylift said...

I love also Mexican food. I eat Mexican food once in a year. This is also looking good.

varicose veins said...

Use a fork mash until smooth avocado - to determine the number of blocks. Avocado with a large number of food processors, if you like, but avoid overprocessing.

Rae said...

I am convinced that the avocado is the best food on earth. I finally have my husband eating guacamole!