Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are You Balanced?

Trick question? Are we talking mentally, physically, or spiritually? Actually, I'm talking about all three. Right now, for instance, I am struggling to find a nice balance between an increased workload and the need to relax. Time, it seems, is swallowed up by this blog and my vlog, my full-time job (you know, the one that pays the bills), and all the little things that go on in between the three. I cannot recall a day or hour lately when I felt bored. And that's a good thing, for the most part. I am a firm believer that human beings are happiest when they are busy, driven, leading a purposeful life. But we still need balance.

What's the old saying? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Well, I don't know how dull I've been of late, but I sure am beat. More to the point: I am out of balance. I looked in the mirror the other day and almost didn't recognise myself. Gazing back at me was this sunken cheeked guy, with five days of growth on his face, huge dark circles rimming his eyes. But beneath that haggard looking facade I noted a hint of a satisfied smirk, a contented grin. Yet, still, I was not complete, whole. Balanced.

I have a program, that I am in the process of turning into a book, called "Triad of Balance." What this is--the short version--is working every day to get yourself in balance. Get your triad in balance. The triad being: Mind. Body. Soul. All the while, as you strive for balance in each area (Intellectually, Physically, Spiritually), the ultimate goal is to then get those three in balance with each other. I will touch more on these principles in coming blogs. In the meantime, if you can't wait (the book will not be out for several months), I have a video about this on my website that goes into more detail than I will in this entry.

Now, back to why I am out of balance right now. By working too many hours, I have been neglecting to work on other aspects of my life. Other areas that, if ignored too long, will rise up and bite you. It is vital to, first, understand what your mind, body, and spirit need daily to be complete. And then essential that you make yourself do these things. I know that I need to workout almost every day. That I need a certain amount of sleep. That, even though I love the work that I do every day, I also need to feed the other parts of my brain: reading for pleasure, relaxing and talking with my wife, walking outside, dining out, or just sitting in front of the TV, watching a funny sitcom, doing a crossword puzzle. Simple tasks, not as important, it seems, than working at earning a living. But vital for your balance. Essential. Any of this sound familiar to you?

I just briefly touched on the edges of the importance of living a balanced life and offered up a few remedies. Remember, the key is your understanding of what YOU need in your daily existence to make you whole. And don't forget your Triad: Mind. Body. Soul. Because, if even one of the Big Three is out of whack, you will be out of whack. Even if you are balanced intellectually and physically, but lacking balance spiritually, you will not be complete. Think about it. One step at a time. One area at a time. Then work on getting all three balanced. The good news? The more conscious you are of your needs, and the more you strive to attain them, the closer you will be to getting where it is you need to be. And even if some days you are slightly off, a little unbalanced in one area, by understanding what you need to do to get back on track you are that much better off. As for me, I vow to work less and spend more time relaxing with my lovely wife. Maybe take a scenic walk with her through one of the many wonderful parks we have here in town. In between that, think I will park it on the couch with a pile of magazines and newspapers, put the Red Sox on the tube, sip some green tea, and, if all goes well, nod off and catch up on some sleep.

Balance. Have you checked yours lately?


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