Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Means Think Green...Every Day

Happy Earth Day. And while I think celebrating environmental awareness is essential and important, it is something that should be done every day. And, since I do try to bring my own bags, made out of recycled materials, to the store when I purchase organic products most every time I shop, I would like to talk about other things green. Like healthy things. Like green food. Now, come back here. I see you running away from your computer screen in search of a thick, greasy cheeseburger, dreaming about washing that baby down with a thick cholesterol-laden chocolate shake. And, if that is something that you cannot live without, who am I to stand in your way?

Okay, those of you still remaining, let's talk green stuff, good, green foods that will not only lengthen your stay on this planet, whose day it is today, remember? But I'm talking about green foods that taste good, help you lose weight, and lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, the risk of heart disease, and diabetes. Would somebody go and get those cheeseburger eaters and drag them back here? Thanks, I'll wait...

Let's start with the F-word. No, not that one: FIBER. Fiber-rich foods are not all green, but they do help with all of what I described above: weight-loss, health improvement, and good taste. So, enough small talk, let's eat:

(in no particular order)
salads, lots of it
edamame, which is nothing but soy beans
speaking of beans, add those: green beans, navy beans, pinto, kidney, black, they are all great for you, filled with vegetarian protein and fiber
hummus (if you add some dill or parsley, it will look green)
herbs, speaking of dill and parsley
nuts (most are not green, but pistachios are)
whole grains (again, most are not green but can't keep them off the list)
bananas (but wait until they turn yellow)
Brussels sprouts
tomatoes (fried green ones)

I could go on and on, and will in coming entries. But, you get the idea. Notice what's missing from this list? Yes, meats. And dairy. Now, I'm not suggesting you go without a burger once and a while, or cheese or milk, but we're talking green today. And every day, if you want to live longer, feel better, drastically reduce your ailments, lose weight. And do your part to celebrate Earth (green) Day every day.

Think about it.


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Rose said...

Actually while looking at your list I see that you left out celery - something that I enjoy chomping on in-between meals