Monday, April 21, 2008

Pick One, the lyrics.

Okay, by now I am sure some of you are tired of my shameless self-promotion for my latest music video, "Pick One." What's that? Some of you are still unaware? Then this short post should help clear a few things up. Like, what the song is about. And why it is important. And even though it can make you laugh (at least, I hope it does), it is also intended to make you think a little too. Parody. Satire. We often laugh at the things that frighten us the most, or bother, confuse, or annoy us. Like this primary season. Like the fact that the Democrats have two amazing candidates, yet still are lagging behind McCain in some head-to-head polls. Like for those who really want a change in Washington, the fear that they will get another heaping helping of the same-old-thing is gut-wrenching. But is it funny? Yes. If we cannot laugh at ourselves or at the bizarre or the craziness of this season's amazing campaign for president, then I offer you this little tidbit of advice: take a chill pill, dude, and watch "Pick One." You will giggle and ponder, tap your toes while clenching your teeth, cringe and grin all at the same time.

Here are the lyrics:

One is black
One is white
No matter which one you ask
They both think they're right
But pick one

One is a guy
And one is a girl
They both have in mind
That they're gonna change the world
But just pick one

Well, Barack Obama
What's with all the drama
Hillary Clinton
What are you thinking
Just Pick One

I said, pick one
Select One
Then elect one
Then forget one

One is for change
And the other is for...change too
One says, "Yes we can."
And one says, "Yes we will!"

Come on, just pick
Select one
Then elect one
Then neglect one

Well, they both think that George Bush is wrong
And we've been in Iraq too long
They sound the same on the economy
Universal health and global warming

Just pick one
Select one
Then elect one
Then forget one

Well, they both agree about McCain
He could be a royal pain
But if one of them does not back down
Then none of them are gonna be around
So pick one

(repeat chorus)

And then lots of mixing and mismatched names, like:
Hillary Obamamamamamamamamamamamaaaaa....(watch the video to see what I'm talking about)...Barackmccainacainacainacainacain...

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton John McCain

Hillary Obamabamabama!

Then more shameless plugs, like, for "Pick One" merchandise, available at


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