Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's Your Favorite Month?

“April come she will, when streams are ripe and swelled with rain…”

One of my favorite Simon and Garfunkel songs has one of my favorite months in its title. I like this song so much that I have added it to my music page at my video site. Hey, I even sang a few bars of it on this video.

Is it just me, or do we all have one favorite month,
a magical thirty or so days that are better than the rest? Oh, heck, let me just come right out and ask:


A recent USA Today survey stated that winter was the least favorite season; not a surprise, really. I am not a big fan of winter; those months are not in my top five. December? January? February? I don’t think so. The next least favorite season was…can you guess? For those of you who guessed summer, you win a prize.

Uh, Mike? What’s the prize?


For guessing correctly?

Oh, yeah, right…how about a video?

What? Another one?

Yes, another one. This one is called:


It doesn’t surprise me that spring and fall were virtually tied as the favorite seasons in that poll. My two favorite months are part of both those times of year. April and October.


* The onset of better weather
* The start of baseball season!
* The Masters golf tournament
* Daylight Savings Time (for those of you tired of those short, endless winter days) Okay, technically, this is now in March, but you get the idea.
* Easter
* Planting season
* Spring Break (I tossed that one in for the kids!)


* After the heat of summer, the return of cooler weather
* The World Series!
* Daylight Savings Time (for those of you tired of all those long, endless summer days) Okay, technically, this now occurs in November, but, come on, it used to be October for years!
* Vacations on Maui
* Fall harvest

So, does that mean that I am miserable the other ten months of the year? I don’t know, maybe you should ask my wife. But, really, as I mentioned, winter doesn’t do it for me and summer kind of drags. If I had to choose a third favorite month, it would have to be June. Why? It’s the last month before the Big Heat that arrives here in northern California (talking 100 degree days, sometimes for weeks on end), and it is just warm enough to kill the last of the allergies that give spring one of its only negatives, at least as far as I’m concerned. What about you? What’s your favorite month? How about your least favorite?

Yeah, Mike, what month do you despise?


Come on, I just sat through that video, you owe me one.

That bad, huh?

I’ve seen better. So?


The month that you wish did not exist?

Let's see...

Out with it!



Yeah. Too hot to do much but wish it were over.

Hmmm, now that I think about it…

Maybe I need to go back to the great lyrics of Paul Simon for inspiration:

“August, die she must. The autumn winds blow chilly and cold.
September I’ll remember, a love once new has now grown old.”

That’s it?


More lyrics, so-so videos, and you still haven’t told us your favorite month.

Oh, yeah, you’re right.


I forgot to add that I was born in October, so I guess that settles it. October, which also is part of the title of one of my favorite books and films, “October Sky,” is the month I enjoy the most.

The key, of course, is finding something wonderful in every month and every day. The name of this site is, after all, livelife365. But just for fun, you can let me know your favorite and least favorite months by leaving me a comment here or at my vid site. Speaking of my video site, take a look at the new front page, it has really changed, and let me know what you think of it.

Until next time…




Anna said...

May - the weather starts to get warmer, the smells of new mown grass and spring flowers, as well as my dear husband's and oldest daughter's birthdays.

September - after the heat and humidity of summer, the cooler weather starts. The changing leaves, the beautiful fall flowers, chilly nights, bonfires and my anniversary.

Least favorite: March - gray melting snow piles, gigantic chuck holes in the streets, rain, chill, gray skies constantly. Ugh!

Duni said...

I'm not much of a winter person either.
But I love August! And I'm not just saying that because it's my birthday that month :)
Least favourite: February

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Can't believe you don't like August--it's a great month. Our wedding anniversary is that month and the weather is always good. I like it hot but really, for us in Cleveland it seems July is our hottest month. I like any month where temperatures reach 80+ degrees!

HalfCrazy said...

My favorite month would be December because it will be colder in here. We don't get snow just rain and.. flood LOL. But I like the rainy season.

You don't like August? That is a rainy season here!

Susan Blake said...

My two favorite - yes I have TWO, are May and June - its green and flowery, warm enough to go barefoot in the grass. My least favorite? all the rest.

Robin Easton said...

Loved the video; I'm still laughing... :) I grew up in Maine and used to LOVE winter, ski, ski, ski! YEAH!! Although autumn was my favorite season, the crisp blue skies and steal your breath foliage that the northeast is famous for. But then after living years in the tropics I don't like the cold anymore. I beginning to think the winter is too long even here in NM. I realized three years ago that summer now is my favorite season. Love that hot sun and hiking barefoot and rafting and luxurious warmth. Probably July. The windows all open and the garden...all of it. April: I like it too but this is the first year I have raging allergies. I've never had them, but they say people who live out here for several years eventually get them (from the juniper trees - unbelievable clouds of pollen), which seems to hold true when I talk with other. My eyes are puffy, my nose is stuffy and my throat is "roughy". LOL!! If I had to pick a month that I don't like it would probably be March. It is SO windy here and since it's desert there is sand and dust everywhere and it's still cold wind. I don't like the wind unless I'm by the sea or on the water.

Your video is just wonderful. Very sincere and warmly funny. Like you! Thank you my friend. You make me smile. :) :) Hugs, Robin

Unknown said...

anna: your months are very similar to all depends on where you live sometimes...

duni: august is brutal in some places, but i'm sure it's (birthday) nice where you live...

karen: i love 80 degrees, too, problem with out here is that's about the overnight in august...happy anniversary, by the way

halfcrazy: we used to have a rainy season...

suzen: may and june ain't bad for me either...

robin: wow, what a comment. you're still the comment queen, robin. and i can relate to those raging allergies...yikes! but i do like the idea of hiking barefoot and rafting...what a life...



Sagan said...

Favorite is September- beautiful time of year; everything seems to be starting fresh and the changing seasons makes me super happy.

Not so big on November or February... they're always so dreary.

Love Simon and Garfunkel.

Anonymous said...

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LisaNewton said...

I do have to admit that living in LA, the seasons don't have as much meaning as living on the East Coast.

I guess that's one reason why I wanted to see spring from around the world with the Spring into 2009 flickr group.

Once in a while I miss living on the East Coast and the change of seasons is one of those times...............:)

Anonymous said...

My favorite month is October, too. Something about the hot summer months finally coming to a close as we get ready to hunker down for the winter. You can actually smell change in the air. Love it!

Least favorite month: pretty much all of the others. (Yes, I AM miserable the other 11 months of the year.)

Maude Lynn said...

I love July! Swimming, barbecues, hanging out at the pool. Good stuff.

I despise January and February. Wouldn't mind sleeping through those two!

Unknown said...

sagan: yes, another simon and garfunkel fan! and changing seasons make me happy too...

lisa: i'm another east coast transplant out here in sunny cali...and while i miss the changing seasons, i never miss the icy winters or humid summers...

passionategreen: nothing wrong with being miserable, as long as you are happy in your misery

mama zen: ahh, summer, it's right around the corner...again...



Barry said...

My favourite month would be May. I was married in May and living considerably north of you, I think our weather in May might be more like your April. Not that I mind April, I was born in that month (in fact today is my Birthday), but May with the trees all out in blossom and the flowers starting to grow, is by far my favourite.

Andrea said...

My favorite month is July. Aside from my birthday and wedding anniversary, I just love those lazy mid-summer days, even when they're not so lazy.

Least favorite month: January. Too cold and too long. I'm not that fond of March either.

Maria said...

Here are mine:

March, April, May - it's summer here and that means... the beach!

August - It's rainy but it's my birthday month. :)

December - We don't have winter here but I like the cold weather. Xmas is also my favorite season. I love decorating the house and shopping for my kids. :)

Faisal Admar said...

i love february... because its my birthday! haha!

make sense? said...

One of my favorites is August.
The weather is good & I like those warm nights & breezing nights.

So for me, I love August.

Unknown said...

barry: happy birthday!! by the way, i was married in may too...only that one didn't last...oh, well...

andrea: but is it okay to be lazy the rest of the year? A: you betcha

maria: sounds like you enjoy just about the whole year...and that's a good thing.

faisal: yup, makes a lot of sense. Feb is also my wife's birthday month...

earthday: go august...



Gopal.G (Gkannan) said...

November is my favorite month becaue of the pleasant weather then. Pleasant winter.

Jennifer said...

It's interesting, I've never thought about having two favorite months. October has always been my favorite (nice weather, my birthday). May would be a good runner-up (weather, flowers)

redkathy said...

I'm in Florida, November is my favorite now. Mild weather and the start of the holidays, which means lots of family is around!

The Fitness Diva said...

My favorite month of all is September. Might be because I'm a September baby, but also September was back to school time where I lived, and I absolutely loved school (until I became a teenager - then, I of course had to rebel against school and ALL forms of authority!).

I also love the weather changes that begin in September, where you get those beautiful, cool yet still warm enough to enjoy them evenings.
New school clothes, fresh new notebooks, pencils and pens, and new classes and teachers. September was always a new beginning! :)

Unknown said...

You make me smile!

My favorite month ever is September! It could be because that's the month I was born, or just because it is the beginning of my favorite season "Fall". Whatever the reason that's the one I look forward to all year.

My least favorite is February. It's dead of Winter, there are no real fun holidays (well maybe Valentines, but. . . ) and it's when the groundhog always tells us that Winter will be around a bit longer than we want. . . Yeah, I can do without February.

heidi said...

Another great video that of course made me smile!! I love June and July and September. August is way too hot here in Kansas!

Unknown said...

gopal: plesant winters are the best...

jennifer: hey fellow Libra! thanks for dropping by...

redkathy: i can imagine florida summers are a tad bit warm...

diva: i like that: a new beginning associated with a month. and i love warm days and cool nights...

sedie: darn that groundhog! very happy to make you smile...

heidi: august gets another thumb's down...and making you smile is one of the motivating factors of making my videos...



Dori said...

I love April too...spring just comes out so beautifully and my mother's birthday was in April and I was married in April and I figure I was probably conceived in April...LOL. So yeah, I like April :-)

Bill Kenny said...

Mike, as another October baby and a photographer the absolute best month of the year is October. It's probably the only decent month of the year in Iowa where I grew up and in Colorado, where I now reside, it's heaven on earth. My least favorite month is February. The month is so bad they decided to only give it 28 days! Proof enough!

Ish said...

my Favorite month is April cause its my birthday month!

Unknown said...

dori: lots of good things seem to happen to you in april...

bill: good point about february. and kudos on your great taste picking october...

health assistant: happy birthday!



Mark said...

"The key, of course, is finding something wonderful in every month and every day" Absolutely!

Paul Eilers said...


Since I love college football, I would say my favorite month is late August, when the college football season kicks off!

It also is a sign that the blasted heat is about to end!

Have a great day!


Eat Well. Live Well.

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