Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Is a Mango?

Shaped like an avocado, with hues that rival the papaya, and a taste that is sweet and sometimes sour, kind of like kiwi or a plum .  What tropical delicacy am I describing?  Why, mango, that’s what.

What is a mango?

·        one of the largest produced tropical fruits in the world
·        an antioxidant powerhouse
·        tasty as a soup, juice, smoothie, dessert, ice cream
·        or fresh off the tree
·        member of the drupe family, like apricots and nectarines
·        grown predominantly in India and other warm weather climates like China, Mexico, Thailand, and Pakistan
·        delicious

Ready to try one?  First you have to open one up—here’s how:

One of my favorite vacation spots in the world is Maui and while relaxing on the island, I also enjoy visiting the farmer’s market where I get to sample fresh and often exotic fruits and veggies.  It was on Maui where I discovered passion fruit, star fruit, papaya, and, the star of today’s post, mango.  Besides needing to recharge my batteries and basking in the sun and fun, trying new things, especially healthy, new things, is what it’s all about.  Living life 365.

The good news is you don’t have to jet to Maui to taste a mango (though it’s not a bad idea); just head out to your grocery store or natural food place, or, better yet, your hometown farmer’s market, and look around.  You’d be surprised what you may discover.

Speaking of all those discoveries…

Until next time…




Susan Blake said...

Hi Mike! Oh yummmm, one of my favorites - especially love mango salsa! I use it on everything!

timethief said...

Hi Mike,
I'm an oddball I guess. I find the sticky sweetness of mango to be really off-putting. I don't like it at all, at all. :) But many people I know do. :)

Lisa said...

Mangoes are my favorite! Especially when my fave grocery store already has cut them up and packaged them for me. Yeah, a bit pricey but worth not having to fight the pit thingy.

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Jen said...

I see these at the store and always think about picking one up to try. The kids always nix it in favor of bananas and oranges. Next time for sure, you make them sound wonderful.

MrsMartinez | said...

Oh you have to visit the Philippines because we have mangoes year round!

Dwacon said...


I made a great smoothie in my blender. I mixed mango (used frozen mango from Trader Joe’s) with pineapple and carrots. Very tasty, very healthy! Thanks!


healthlife said...

I really love fruits especially mango and papaya. Whenever I go out to buy groceries I always include fruits in my most wanted to buy list. Thanks for those wonderful videos and post about it. I see that you really love to talk about natural foods. Keep up posting more useful stuff.

multivitamin said...

Even thou I'm from a South American country where you can just walk around picking up mangoes from your neighbor's trees, I had never seen them cut up into squares like how u have then in the video.

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