Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is Celery Root?

One does not pass celery root in the produce section of the grocery store and pause to admire its attractiveness.  Quite the opposite, if you ask me, as celery root is one of the least attractive of vegetables.  It may actually be downright ugly.

I know, I know, those are harsh words, especially for a food that is not only tasty, but is loaded with tons of nutritional necessities.  And, for those of you, like me, who are trying to cut back on those dreaded carbohydrates, an excellent replacement for potatoes.

Pop Quiz:

                What Is Celeriac?
a)      a recently discovered planet in our solar system
b)      an arthritic condition found in aging rock stars
c)       a word describing a hilarious haircut
d)      another name for Celery Root

If you chose d, then you would be correct and win this fabulous prize:

Celery root is low in calories and high in flavor.  With only 9 carbs per serving (less than half as much as a potato) this is a great way to get your spuds in without the weight gain (or glucose spike).

Celeriac also offers these nutritional benefits:

·         good source of fiber and protein
·         high in manganese
·         no cholesterol
·         high in vitamin C and calcium
·         low sodium
·         nice source of iron

So how can you eat this root veggie?

Anyway ya want to.  Use celery root to replace any of your potato recipes, from soups to chips, casseroles to fries.  Grate it raw and add to salads; bake it or eat it mashed.  As I did in this absolutely delicious video:

Next time you’re in your local grocery store and pass by a gnarly lump of ugliness is the produce section, stop and grab some celery root.

You’ll be glad you did.

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