Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Miss My Hair

What kind of website it this, anyway?

If I were to say that livelife365 is a Health and Fitness site, most of those who are frequent readers would agree with that statement. I often write about health, diet, and nutrition.

Okay, so livelife365 is a Healthy Lifestyle site, then?

Yes. But I have also written about the importance of setting goals and maintaining balance in our lives.

Umm, so, this is a Self-Improvement blog?

You are correct. But—

There’s always a but with you!

Correct again. Given that I have written travel posts...


And humorous slices of life.

I see, but…

And I’m all about inspirational topics.

Wow, I didn’t know.

Of course you didn’t.

Livelife365 is a site dedicated to Health, Personal Development, and Entertainment—it says so right at the top of the web page (at least it does on my video site.

Okay, so what you’re trying to say is…?

That livelife365, both this blog and my video site, is about…


…and life encompasses more than one category or genre. Life cannot be pigeonholed.

Interesting…but what does all this have to do with the title of this post?

I Miss My Hair

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

My point exactly!

While I enjoy sharing my thoughts and programs about health, motivation, personal development and how-to tips, what I really love to do is entertain. Making others laugh is a passion of mine—something I have been able to successfully do all my life. And music…I have always dabbled in songwriting, while fooling around with an assortment of musical instruments—starting way back when I was a kid and wanted to learn how to play the drums, but instead somehow got talked into dragging home a baritone horn to torture my parents with, up to my current passion: guitar.

Combine all those attributes and desires, along with a theatrical background (I majored in theatre while in college, a long, long time ago; back when I had long, flowing hair!), and you have the creative cocktail for my latest music video, I Miss My Hair.

Inspiration is a fickle mistress. If you constantly wait for it to come to you, you may be waiting a long time. But sometimes it happens just like that image, you know the one, with the light bulb over the guy’s head. Snap! Just like that!

This idea came to me while I was working on my political music video, Pick One, in the Electric Canyon studios with my buddy Dale. We somehow got on the topic of hair, or my lack thereof—I chuckled (which I usually do when reminded of my follicle-challenged dome), then sighed, and said, “Man, sometimes I miss my hair.” I paused, looked over at Dale, then added, “That sounds like it could be a song. I’m gonna work on it.” Dale looked at me the way sound guys in the music biz for decades have looked at guys like me—sure, whatever, call me when you’re ready to record.

The rest, as they say, is history. I went home and did that thing we songwriters do, then visited Dale and laid down some tracks. Then Dale did that thing he does so well. Using his magic touch, he sweetened my voice and very-average acoustic guitar playing, and then created the Hungry & Poor Band (all Dale) by adding percussion, bass, and electric guitar.

I then pulled out my trusty video camera and went to work shooting hours of video, that Dale and I (again, mostly Dale), painstakingly edited down to this four minutes and forty-nine second music video:


I have created nearly two hundred videos for my website,, and close to fifty blog posts for this blog, but can honestly say that I am most proud of this music video. From concept to finished product, it was one of those projects that not only brought me great personal satisfaction and artistic gratification, but was a pleasure to do.

Big kudos go out to Dale at ProSound for his amazing efforts and precision work (and for putting up with me), as well as his stellar performance in the video—he’s the little guy with the hungry & poor sign playing the drums, among other things. Thanks, Dale!

For those of you who have yet to watch I MISS MY HAIR, please enjoy!

And for those who have already seen this video, why not take another look? You may pick up something that you missed the first time through.

Lastly, please have a good laugh on me! Remember, laughter is a good thing. While it may not help you lose weight or flatten your belly, it is as important to your overall health and well-being as proper diet, adequate sleep, and everyday breathing. Hey, this is, after all, a Health blog, right?


Never mind.

Until next time…



MamaFlo said...

Let me share something with you......bald spots are merely solar panels that power a sex machine.

Hope this made you smile.
I was totally bald for 17 years from a medical condition (started at 25), eventually the condition cleared up and my hair came back albeit thin.

Eric S. said...

Mike, I laughed my way through your video, so I would say you succeeded. I was visiting with my mother and brother a years or so ago. My brother, who is as you say "follicle-challenged". I'm at the stage where I'm starting to develop that problem, but mostly I just give a new meaning to going gray. He started in with the comments about my grayness, and of course my response was "at least I still have mine". It was all in good fun and we all laughed, making for a good memory.

So as you say laughter is the best medicine, especially when you share it. Way to go!

Laura said...

That was funny! I laughed several times while watching it. At least you have a nice looking bald head.

Anonymous said...

Good one! I have to say though, I am disappointed. There you were, stark naked in the shower (and now you really have my attention) and then you stepped back and all I saw where your toes! Such a tease, Mike! *grin*

Unknown said...

Mamaflo--thanks for the info! I like being a sex machine.

Eric--I went gray in my 20's and used to make fun of balding men...and then this happened to me! Lesson learned: don't ridicule, unless you wanna go bald.

Laura--thanks, and it's shiney too.

Urban Panther--you should see the outtakes...on second thought, maybe not.

Paul Eilers said...


You are one talented individual.

I absolutely loved this video!

Faisal Admar said...

getting bald isn't a good thing but it happen to some peoples anyway.

same with grey hair... people keep coloring their hair in order to keep them look young forever.

for me bald and grey hair just showing your wisdom :)

L said...


Anonymous said...

long hair suits you, especially the one where you're in ponytail, you look like a decent rock star.

Paul Eilers said...


Can you post an oldie but goodie pic of yer long haired days?

Jordan McClements said...

I hope this is not too off topic, but...

I have over 1000 photos for bloggers to use free of charge.


I hope this is of some use to you at some point, and that the instructions are clear enough to follow.


Unknown said...

Many thanks for the recent view. Wish you great blogging time!!
Hi from italy!!!


Unknown said...

Paul--you are too kind, but thanks for your great feedback! May I say that I love this video too?

Faisal--ah, a man after my own heart. Bald = genius!

Lindsay--glad you enjoyed it--tell your friends!

Anya--I really did have a ponytail, but it never looked that cool. Good wigs are a good thing!

Paul (again)--I'm visiting my mom in a few days; I'll see what I can dig up

Jordan--plug away, man, but give my vid a few plugs while you're at it

Frame Set--aloha from Cali!

kRiZcPEc said...

nice post, grabs my attention all the way.

Anonymous said...

That is one seriously funny video, thanks. I noted that you managed to torture your parents with a baritone horn, my tool of choice was my trumpet. It made then "appreciate" my guitar and piano playing so much more!

Thanks again for the chuckle.


okay, this is too much! My stomach hurts from laughing so much. You are hysterical and it is great you can laugh about your hair! You look wonderful with or without your hair and have a great voice. I am going back to watch it again!

Unknown said...

KRIZ--happy to have grabbed you!

Stan--the baritone was lots of fun in marching band too! Yikes. Thanks for the nice words about the vid--share it with your friends!

Heidi--your comments made me smile...just like your wonderful blog, Health nut Wannbee Mom! How about a plug for my vid on your site?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it, Mike. Nobody ever died from baldness.

Jack Payne said...

Hit the wrong button, Mike. After all my tirades against anonymous comments, I feel I must identify myself.

Tom Thorne said...

I miss mine too, not as bad as you though. But, you can play the guitar and I can't.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Ok, that intro made me laugh, good one for sure.

I always called my receding hairline thigh burns. Now I just shave it all...

Liked that post, I'll be poking around over here if you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

So let me get this correctly, you miss your hair! And your blog is about..well just about anything that inspires you at the moment. and you live life 365 even without hair. Okay so I am buying this.

Had fun watching the video and really impressed with the rundown you have there. I will be back to check them out.

Thanks for making me smile.


Unknown said...

Jack aka anonymous--no worries, man! Just looking for some laughs...

Tom--as much as I love the guitar, I would trade a bit of my moderate skills for a bit more hair...but what can ya do?

Wayne--thanks for the kind words, and shaving your head works--could have used you for the beginning of the video!

Nick--Thanks for noticing! Glad you enjoyed the song, but really happy you are checking out the rest of what ll365 is about...peace

Anonymous said...

just watched your video. good stuff. i'm so glad i'm not a man. sorry that didn't help...some men look good bald. it doesn't look bad on you.

Faisal Admar said...

Baldness is a big fear for all men in the world instead of grey hair. But to me it’s nothing. It’s just some hair on your head. It’s nothing to worry or be sad about :)

I would say that your blog is about LIFE. It’s a great blog… very inspirational.

the video is awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

hi...visit me..

mkaw77 said...

Some women love bald people... they look 'macho' in women eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi , you have a sense of humor...and it's making your posts exciting to read, because one gets curious.

Cool site...congrats and happy blogging.

Debbie said...

great video!

Unknown said...

Natural--I'm so glad I'm not a man either...oh, wait a minute...

Faisal--I can see why you're not worried about baldness--you have a full head of hair! Thanks for the great words about the vid, and you are right, ll365 is all about LIFE!

Mohd--but most women would rather go shopping.

Jena--I thank you for such a nice comment--glad I make curious...and laugh!

Debbie--Thanks, Debbie!

Unknown said...

Cool stuff. I miss my hair too. I blame my dad. I know science says it's actually my mother's fault, but I'm used to blaming my dad for everything so why stop now.

Robin Plan said...

Hi Mike - Your video was so funny. I'll be playing it for my husband tonight. He will love it - well maybe not because he's losing his hair! Anyway very funny and you have a wonderful voice.

Anonymous said...

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